Known issues, bugs and errors in Windows 10 Mobile Build 10586.71

Here are all the known issues, bugs and errors in Windows 10 Mobile build 10586.71, which has just been pushed out to the Fast Ring of Windows Insider Program. Many of them were fixed, but, sadly, there are still some known issues lingering around, which haven’t been repaired since September 2015. Most of them are also present in the system version made available for Lumia 550/ 950/ 950 XL.

The most important / general problems include:

  • Increased battery drain. The battery consumption is average twice as high as on Windows Phone 8.1.
  • Random battery drain by selected applications or system functions: Edge or cellular data being turned on.
  • Task Manager doesn’t display all applications running in background.
  • Background of the All Apps list continues to lose the effect of darkening (when one entrances and exits the application from the list).
  • No support for Polish speech in Poland.
  • No support for Cortana in Poland.
  • Lack of visual consistency in UI design.
  • Nokia account option in system settings Extras.
  • Voice activation (Hey Cortana) and display options in Extras not upgraded for Windows 10 design.
  • Restrict background data in Settings / Network & Wireless / Data usage does not work. The only allowed option is „never”.
  • Extras have a different design style than the over options (no Find a setting menu, a black background, system colour fonts).
  • Bing wallpaper’s refreshing on the lock screen is delayed.
  • Notifications from Messenger, Facebook and Skype are delayed.
  • No icon for „Start Screen” on the open applications’ screen.
  • Hotspot disconnecting on the lock screen.
  • Errors and bugs with apllications display in the All Apps list after a system upgrade.
  • Camera: Noises when digital zoom is on.
  • Camera: Endless data processing after Rich Capture shot.
  • Camera: Movie recording the total lack of sound or the sound on the edge of audibility in some phones (mainly Lumia 930).
  • Phone: no support for polish special letters (ą, ę, ó, ć, ń, ś etc) in Dial pad.
  • Skype and Messaging: underdeveloped Polish T9 Dictionary (in WP 8.1 it works flawless, in W10M it is simply a disaster).
  • Skype and Messaging: the attachment function does not work.
  • MSN Weather: no support for the lock screen.
  • Edge Browser: Word Flow function does not work as you type in the adress bar.
  • Edge Browser: Word Flow function works only every second word (when entering text in forms on the websites).
  • OneDrive: no support for .txt files.
  • Store: Showing incorrect size of downloaded files.
  • Store: Uninstalled Applications still are shown as installed. You must reboot your phone to update the status of the application in the store.
  • Store: Arabic (?) language (instead of Polish) in the description of some applications.
  • Photos: zooming images using the pinch gestures does not work.

Sometimes / ocassional problems:

  • Swipe right to the All Apps list opens search panel instead.
  • Lagging / jamming animation when you return to the start screen.
  • Random rebooting of the phone.
  • Alarm: The second ring tone after a nap is not clean but „screeches”.
  • Alarm sometimes does not work at all (no sound).

Options omitted in relation to the Windows Phone 8.1:

  • No QR scanner under the magnifying glass button.
  • No support for gestures (in WP 8.1 you have Gestures Beta).
  • No voice dialing options after long pressing the magnifying glass.
  • Camera: Rich capture limited to only one option.
  • Store: No history of the downloads with the version number and installation date.
  • Store: No notifications of updates in the store.
  • Store: Inability to open the application from Downloads and Updates list.
  • Outlook: No tasks synchronization in the calendar.

Most or even all of the above errors were reported by Windows Insider Program users in Windows Feedback service.

A Polish version: Wszystkie błędy i poprawki kompilacji 10586.71 Windows 10 Mobile